The Impossible

Posted on 25th May 2013 in Books

miSometimes I just have to wonder at my own stupidity. I flounder about procrastinating about starting work and then when I do I create impossible situations. When I started the Vampiris Series I wrote the three books concurrently as the word building was a large and difficult task. I had complicated worlds within worlds and needed to keep close tabs. After years of work I was determined to calm down and so completed a little romance and the fourth book in the series Florian Ribeni.

Knowing that the next book was going to be a long and complex set of adventures I considered the Moons of Bornak for several months before starting. I was a trifle reluctant to start because this book will have so many elements come together and will be very hard work. Even with this knowledge firmly in my mind I managed to find myself writing not one, or two but three books again. They are not all of the Vampiris Series, but I still have to wonder at why I would decided to add to the burden by writing works in three entirely different genres. It seems that unless it’s going to be impossible then I can’t seem to start.

The Moons of Bornak

Posted on 30th January 2013 in Vampiris Sancti

T he next book in the Vampiris Series is The Moons of Bornak, which are the adventures of the Elf Zyre and the Vampire Estienne within the Reveal. I am still considering the approach of this story and have made several false starts. It is an adventure that tempers the Elf and brings reality to the Vampire. I am a bit daunted by all the information I have and what should be discarded or included.

The Immaculate Adventures of One Florian Ribeni Paperback Giveaway!

Posted on 24th January 2013 in Books, Vampiris Sancti

The Immaculate Adventures of One Florian Ribeni, a paperback of 380 pages is being offered through two sites for a giveaway. One is kindly offered by Rebecca Graf, author of Deep Connections through her site A Book Lovers Library.

The other is through Goodreads in their author giveaway program.

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Florian is Finally up!

Posted on 30th December 2012 in Vampiris Sancti

He is an ebook so far on Amazon and on Smashwords.

So I am no longer blue which is also my favorite colour.

Final Cover

Posted on 11th June 2012 in Vampiris Sancti

So the final cover has been done and while it does not relate to the existing Sancti covers it is a proper reflection of the character so I will stick with this one.

The Elf

Posted on 4th November 2011 in Vampiris Sancti

The Elf is going up under Breedles Publishing. Wonderful covers have been made for the entire series. I am pleased that Mr. Smith will be up in December.