More Sex Please We’re Gothic

Posted on 22nd October 2011 in Vampiris Sancti

Halfway through the vampire edit and it is going well. So far I have done only a little tweaking and cleaning up with the story moving along nicely. Unfortunately I have come to a conclusion that will make more problems for me but the purpose of an edit is to ensure the story works. This one does but I realise that there is a distinct lack of sexual tension, something not required in every story but sex and the vampire myth have been old bedfellows for a very long time.

From the succubus to the incubus we like our demons gorgeous, powerful and sexual, so realising this has had me reassess this aspect of the story. It is not a huge matter of changing everything–more pumping up what is there–for while it is not erotica (there is more enough of that done poorly without me adding to it) the readers of certain genres have expectations. If the author does not meet them in some way then the book fails to reach the audience.

I have always preferred to let the story take me where ever it may and sex or lack of was determined by the plot. However, unlike the other fantasy worlds where I could take the lead, the vampire is a well documented and sexually explored territory. The Elf is one where I chose her level of sexuality and the demon was one where his sexuality was very evident—I knew this from the start. So now I backtrack and hope I get it right because nothing is worse than something contrived out of duty rather than passion. I strongly believe this is the correct path and hope that will be enough to inspire me into some sensual moments.


Posted on 31st August 2011 in Movies

Thor is a pleasant surprise after the deluge of mediocre hero movies abounding. A pleasantly handsome and nicely well spoken Chris Hemsworth heads a small but stellar cast in a well paced adventure that was engrossing, sometimes amusing without going over the top. The cgi was class, the casting excellent with the likes of Idris Elba, Anthony Hopkins, Stellan Skarsgard, Colm Feore to round out a well chosen cast.

Unfortunately the lack of chemistry between Hemsworth and the charming but rather over used Natalie Portman was almost palpable. It was the lack of believable romance, noticeably the lack of any emotional intimacy between the leads–a scene or two might have done wonders–to elevate the movie from comic book into story. This is surprising considering the excellent Kenneth Branagh directed and surely would have noted the shortcoming. While Thor might have not been a great love story, epic adventures usually have them as more than an aside. As usual with mythical stories less cgi and more story is the only complaint that could be made of an enjoyable film.

7.5/10 Great Film to watch with that special guy