Revenge of Jojo

Posted on 7th May 2013 in Personal Rants

jojo2If you were to ask about the temperament of the Bichon Frise naughty is the word that comes to mind. This breed was the last one I ever would have considered getting, yet somehow I did. After all I have a giant mastiff! The Dogue de Bordeaux also known as the French Mastiff is a gorgeous, huge, powerful dog. Don’t let her bulk deceive you as this dog is fast as a rabbit if she wants something and five minutes later will be too precious to step in a puddle. Scharnelle is a creature of decided opinions and when Jojo came into the house she decided he was nothing more than a moving stuffed toy.

She spent most of her time either trying to stand directly above him, shoving him out of the way, down stairs and my favourite–holding him down with one paw. Now, do not mistake Jojo for some wishy washy toy dog. He is a clown first and will do back flips and blitz until the house is a whirl of white curls except even he has his limits. One day when he had enough, he got up on a chair and went all gangsta in her face. It’s one thing when she was above him, another when a ball of fluff was barking in her face. She gave him her usual stare of contempt, but he now goes through the doorway first. Just like judging a book by it’s cover never wise to judge a Bichon by his smile.

9 Responses to “Revenge of Jojo”

  1. aubree says:

    The two dogs get along together? It would seem like the smaller would try to run the show.

  2. Gush, this is just perfect!

  3. Philip says:

    Bichon Frise are definitely not my favorite breed… I’ve had several very well loved dogs who have had problems with them, so I’ve pretty much given up trying. My first dog, a show dog, got attacked by a Bichon Frise in the ring! Of course he fought back, and (unfortunately in this case) won… but was disqualified from showing which was pretty much his life. He never got along well with other dogs after that. My current dog is really sweet, but she hates when other dogs bark (she almost never barks) and the only Bichon she’s known was quite the chatterbox.

  4. melody says:

    What a cute snuggle bunny. Such a lovely dog… nice mix too.

  5. Emily says:

    Small dogs have strong, type-A personalities. I love my larger dog, but I think the smaller ones are more daring and pushy… I’m always interested to see how they interact with one another. My dog, who is a lab/pit bull mix, was abused. She’s one of the friendliest dogs I’ve ever met. So beautiful! So loving!

  6. Jennifer says:

    As someone who has had hybrid wolves (husky/wolf mix) all of my life, I can definitely identify with large dogs with almost human-like personalities. When it comes to pups and small dogs, they either baby them and bully them – but never hurt them. Very interesting dynamic.

  7. I have a golden retreiver, can you comment on how well your Bichon gets along with your Mastif? A neighbor of mine has a new litter of Bichons and I might consider ‘adopting’ one. They’re so adorable, but I am worried about the interaction with larger dogs. Thanks!

    • Katri says:

      My mastiff plays with him and while he is small he is not intimidated by larger dogs. They are playful and very friendly and so is a golden retriever so they are a great match.

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