Then Again…

Posted on 29th April 2013 in Personal Rants

planetsAfter becoming tired of all the wank in the world I decided to check out the veracity of the myriad of free Astrologers out there. I decided to retro-read my horoscope on a weekly and daily basis, so on Monday I read Sunday and at the end of the week I read that week’s prediction. What I discovered were long explanations about houses and planets and retrogrades–what they controlled, but what I didn’t find was any useful information to apply to life. Most of them made generalized statements that could have come from anyone who had a fair grasp of commonsense and the advice given had less to with the planets than suggesting the reader be less of idiot than usual. As I suspected, nothing changed, nothing happened and the only use I could apply to the so-called predictions were to reduce them to a micro level that barely had meaning in life.
T his was done easily enough, all I did was assign the predictions to what I knew. So when my forecast said I would have some good luck and I managed to catch my coffee cup before it hit the ground–then perhaps it was good luck. Or maybe I would lose money–so if I found my cheese was full of mould and I had to throw it away then I had indeed lost money. Such broad predictions combined with advice that could come from anyone’s grandmother had me realise I was consulting an oracle about as believable as Delphi.

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  1. Andra says:

    Say what you will, but I’ve actually found a pretty good horoscope writer on twitter that I like following. It does allow you to look up the day before and the next day’s horoscope as well. The predictions seem pretty accurate, but like you said we humans can make sense out of anything. What I like most is the way it’s written, it’s like it’s exactly what I need to hear when faced with tough situations. The guy really knows the temperament of my sign, I’ve read the other signs horoscopes and they’re written with a completely different tone, as though to appeal better to the personality traits of that side of the zodiac.

  2. Stephen McNally says:

    My favorite are the people that believe all of the astrology stuff, it really seems like it is mostly people on the down and out that run with it full force…but you can’t really blame them for wanting to believe that things will get better. I relate it a lot to the power of positive thinking in general, just a different way of doing so.

  3. I am such a sucker for this astrology stuff- I don’t base my whole life on it, but I’ve been known to spend a pretty good penny on the phone with Mistress Oracle who always tells me that I am soon to win the lottery and find Mr. Right!

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