The Diva Complains

Posted on 1st February 2013 in Personal Rants

Her majesty got her rather large nose out of joint when I wouldn’t share my gelato. It appears that Scharnelle lives by the premise that what is hers is hers and what is mine is also hers. She continuously snorted her disapproval and turned her nose up at licking the offered bowl. Something the optimistic and opportunistic Jojo never turns down.

I live in outback Australia and we have been battling a heatwave where the temperature has been a consistent 40c all month. I knew I had to do something to make up with Scharnelle because a disgruntled Bordeaux can take up a lot of space while she grunts her complaints loudly and often. So I bought her a small pool to cool off in during the heat. It was placed carefully under the shade of the lemon tree and then offered up to Ms. Grumpy. At first she sniffed the plastic shell with suspicion until a bouncy Jojo jumped in for some fun. According to Scharnelle THIS WOULD NOT DO! She now stands in her pool guarding against small Bichons who might trespass while barking at the odd Rosella who is probably laughing at the sight of a large dog in a small pool. What I should have considered was the over sized wet paw prints being left on the tiles when she decides to venture back inside to check that no fun has been had without her.

4 Responses to “The Diva Complains”

  1. rebel says:

    I can’t believe you got your dog in the pool like that. Mine is deathly afraid of water. It’s kind of sad, actually, when it comes to playing and giving a bath. BOo.

  2. Joey Courchesne says:

    She sounds just like my little son Thomas! He will beg and beg until we break down and purchase him a new toy, then he will not play with it until one of his friends becomes interested in it…at which point it will become his favorite and he will not share. It is super nice of you to get that little pool for your poor dog, that weather sounds nearly unbearable if the heat is dead!

  3. Balula says:

    OMG- she’s so cute! What an attitude on that dog of yours! And I can just imagine little Jojo prancing around in there having a good old time! It’s about 25c here in Toronto Canada these days- think I won’t complain compared to your 40c in the shade down under!

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