Oz the Great and Powerful

Posted on 9th June 2013 in Movies

ozOz the Great and Powerful would be more apt retitled as Oz the lackluster and disappointing. Starring a cast of current studio favorites, James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams to name a few. This gathering of a cast that should–could have pulled off the fantasy seemed to wander between over the top and flat observations. CGI replaced story and charm–of any kind is obvious in its absence. The slippery con man of James Franco is more cartoon than character, Mila Kunis masters the monotone with amazing precision. Michelle Williams is a great Barbie impersonator, leaving Rachel Weisz to give evil a good name.
What should have been a charming rendition of a beloved American fantasy came off as actors lacking conviction, some nerds in a room piling as much FX as they could and a superficial glance at a beautifully created world. Liberties were taken–as filmmakers often do (Dorothy Gale the kissed girl), except this time it was more miss than hit. This movie seemed unable to decided if it was capturing the audience of the child or the adult–instead of being a great compilation of the two it misses out on both. Another disappointing adaptation of a truly wonderful story.

6.5/10 Should have respected the Author more and the self-indulgence less.

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