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Posted on 19th May 2013 in Personal Rants

Dramatic Auroras In IcelandDespite Bjork, Hákarl and the threat of volcanic eruption Iceland has always been my dream destination. One look at the wonderful Fjords and aurora borealis was enough to cement that choice. Fjord1 I live in a sunburnt country and it is indeed that. From the golden beaches to the sun baked deserts with dry inland grasslands and clay lands. Australia has commanding scenery, exotic animals and beaches that go on forever. We also have the aurora australis , but one always wants something different. So when I look for adventure I look for the very opposite and nothing seems more opposite than the strange and beautiful makeup of Iceland. With a small population, almost no violence and amazing scenery, there is everything to entice–if you are willing to overlook the pickled herring and rotten shark and other strange dinners. 


I still live in hope in being able to get there to enoy the delights before the next volcano sends it the way of Atlantis to become the myth of further centuries.

Here are some Icelandic authors to help inspire a visit!


4 Responses to “Everything Iceland”

  1. Balula says:

    Iceland! Good Lord, I can think of a hundred other places I’d rather visit that have equally great scenery and don’t serve roasted sheep head! lol. I remember a time when my husband was due home from Paris to Toronto, and was delayed over a week because they couldn’t fly over the airspace for Iceland because of the massive eruption a few years ago. I suppose I could appreciate the drama of such a place!

  2. sara says:

    We plan a two week vacation every year, usually somewhere warm and tropical. After reading your post I decided to look into Iceland and I think this is where we will be heading for our next vacation.

  3. matt n. says:

    I have been fortunate enough to visit Iceland and I can say that it is almost like a different planet. One out of a good dream. The people and the landscape are more than unearthly!

  4. ed pierce says:

    I was almost stationed in Iceland for the military. I often regret not taking that assignment.

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